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a question about materials that can be used in composite layup parts



I have what may be an odd question.  It appears that a number of types of fabric are able to be used with resin (being vague as I don't know what would apply yet) to make parts or objects.  My question is, could you use header wrap as the fabric in a project like this and take advantage of the heat insulation properties of it? 

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Welcome to the forum!

That’s not too odd a question, but there is much to be considered when laminating.

The quick answer is yes. You can laminate it as it is a basic woven fabric.  If you want to. You can laminate with cotton fabricHowever, the insulation aspect of the material is lost due the relatively low temperature of resin. Polyester can withstand about 125ºF with out damage, vinylester about 225ºF. Epoxies have a range based on the chemistry of the particular resin, but it ranges between 200º-400ºF. The 400º version is pretty special though. On average, most resins are in the 220º-300º range. Room temp cure resins are in the 220º range unless you buy a high-temp resin, but it will require a second “post cure” at higher temps to achieve the higher temperature properties. Rock West has a good selection of room and high-temp resins here: https://www.rockwestcomposites.com/shop/materials-tools/resins-adhesives/resin-systems/pro-set-resins

One other thing to consider is that insulation is achieved with spacing between the fibers. Once you close the gaps with resin, insulation is greatly reduced. Consider the fiberglass insulation used in homes. It’s quite lofty, and the thicker the insulation, the higher the R value. If you pack that insulation and reduce the loft, you lose R value. The same would be true of using fiberglass tape (header wrap, even if made from other materials) and laminating it.

Hope this helps.

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