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Community Guidelines


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Community Standards

As long as you stick to the following principles you shouldn’t find yourself in trouble and subject to disciplinary action:

  • Maintain a friendly atmosphere.
  • Exchange knowledge maturely and responsibly.
  • Nobody’s perfect. Be nice.

These rules and guidelines must be followed when participating on Composites Community. While it is not exhaustive, it is expected to be adhered to in good faith. The rules and guidelines listed are the minimum expectations of members. Not every issue can be predicted nor addressed here. Any content or accounts deemed out of line may be removed at any time without prior notice or warning. The moderation team reserves the right to take any corrective actions deemed necessary. The instructions of the moderation team must be followed at all times.


  • Content must be related to composites.
  • Off-topic posts are allowed in off-topic.
  • No discussion of items, technologies, programs, systems, or topics that may be in violation of or related to ITAR, U.S. national security, export control, regulated, or restricted content.


  • No excessive or unnecessary profanity.
  • No harassment, discrimination, or abuse of any kind.
  • No pornography, sexually explicit, or obscene content.
  • No trolling or flaming.
  • No political content.
  • Only one account per person.


  • No spamming or non-constructive posts. Examples include:
    • Posting the same topic multiple times.
    • LMGTFY (Let Me Google That For You) links or comments.
    • Post/Solution/Reputation Count Farming.
  • No shortened links.
  • No thread dumping or bumping.
    • Post your thread in the right location.


  • No advertising of any non-Rock West Composites material, including:
    • Referral, affiliate, or paid links except those created by Composites Community or Rock West Composites.
    • Self-promotion of personal websites or content.
      • YouTube/Twitch/etc. links are allowed on your profile page.
      • Project/method/issue videos are allowed in appropriate subforums.
    • No promoting items for sale outside of the Classifieds section.
  • No begging, bartering, trading, or asking for freebies, discounts, donations, fundraising, or similar content.

Piracy, Hacking, and Illegal Activities

  • Discussion on how to engage in piracy is not allowed.
  • Discussion on engaging in hacking or cracking is not allowed.
  • Content that violates copyright or intellectual property rights is not allowed.
  • Any illegal content or discussion on engaging in illegal activities is not permitted. U.S. law applies, as well as any jurisdictions that may apply to you.


  • Do not post other people's personal information.
  • Do not post personally identifiable information pertaining to anybody under the age of 18.


  • Text only, no images or other external content linked.

Moderation and Bans

  • Do not openly discuss moderation. If you have an issue, contact our staff.
  • Don’t backseat moderate. If there’s an issue, use the report function.
  • Creating an account to circumvent a suspension/ban will result in a permanent ban and 5,000 years of bad luck.
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