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  1. I stand corrected @bloodywolfeyes https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256805332214226.html?gatewayAdapt=glo2usa4itemAdapt
  2. I think this is going to be a hard find! The market just isn't there to make a run of them. Your best bet is probably going to be carbon fiber vinyl.
  3. Hard to tell the GSM without seeing it in person. Even then, hard to say exactly what GSM it is. You might try contacting the manufacturer. Strand count (K) and GSM somewhat correlate. But overall 2x2 will get you very close to the same look if that's what you're shooting for 👍
  4. Looks to be 3K 2x2 Twill Weave
  5. No problem Gary, It's wonderful to have you here and part of the community! All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to join and participate here 🙂 Do you have pictures of your project? It sounds really neat.
  6. For the very best finish you're going to want to wet sand and apply a 2K high gloss clear coat Can you explain what you're doing with the plate a bit better? Are you trying to increase the thickness of the plate or are you trying to change the finish?
  7. Found someone on Etsy who might be able to make one for you!
  8. You're very welcome! Happy to help any way we can. I'll shoot you an email with a contact for a quote so that you can get that rolling. PS - do you have any pictures of what you're making? Love seeing what people are up to 🙂
  9. The only way RWC is able to get the finish they do on those tubes you ordered is by sanding. They don't use a lathe to get the desired diameter. The tubes are sanded to the desired diameter. I don't think you're going to be able to get the finish it sounds like you're looking for without doing some sanding. Another option is that you could order these from Rock West Composites customized to your liking. It might be a lot easier for them to do it with their equipment. How many of these do you need to make?
  10. Machining composites can be pretty tricky! Can you share which tubes you ordered? Is the taper itself needed? Or are you just trying to hit 0.9"? Most tubes get sanded to size. Also, do you have a model of the part you're trying to make? The more information the better 🙂
  11. Very cool! I passed this on to someone that might be interested 🙂
  12. That I don't know. Is this for specifically for composites?
  13. Hey @Anna, welcome to Composites Community 🙂 What kind of tubes are you trying to machine? Did you make these yourself? Or did you buy them somewhere?
  14. Reminds me a good while back a lot of Quiznos Subs here in the US were going out of business and my old roommates and I almost bought one of their conveyor ovens 😆 It'd help to know how big and hot you need it to be! Are you looking for something like a reflow oven?
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