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Carbon motorcycle exhaust clamp


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I need to make a clamp for a motorcycle exhaust that also has a tab that secures the pipe to the frame. 

I planned to use molding clay from hobby lobby for the mould and cover it in plastic wrap. The final piece will have heat resistant tape where the carbon touches the pipe. 

How many layers of carbon do you guys think I need? 

Will this probably work? 


This is my first project Thanks for your help 

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Cool project idea! This should look great! I've definitely seen some before like this on the bikes of friends 😀

You can buy these premade unless you're really itching for a project or have an odd-shaped exhaust. What kind of exhaust is this for? What shape is it?

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I think the short answer is that you will need at least 2 layers for something like this. One layer would be too flexible, especially at the tab and connection point. I would still be concerned about the heat of the exhaust pipe. Just try to keep the composite clamp below 200F or you could see some issues.

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