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  1. Unfortunately, I have misplaced that article. @John Kimball can you share any resources concerning basic math and physics for composites?
  2. I read a fascinating article in Racecar Engineering magazine. The article broke down all the major formulas for suspension and steering geometry into easy step by step instructions with descriptive examples. This was a simple process that did not require CAD. It only needed a scientific calculator. Is there any resource that can walk me through the basic math and physics regarding structures that consist of layers of bidirectional weave composites, core materials and the resins?
  3. Mongo

    landing net

    Perhaps there are two words to consider in this CF application? Galvanic Corrosion. Are you using any alloys in this application, because galvanic corrosion might become an issue in water.
  4. I have seen all the youtube videos from Rockwest. I am wondering which other channels you like watching for information on composite projects?
  5. My plan is for the chassis to be composite and the suspension/control arms to be alloy. I was thinking of making a 1:10 scale model in a cheap material.
  6. Everything seems to be on the computer these days. I want to create a composite car chassis. Does anybody make scale models to use for load tests when they are designing a chassis? I want to put some chipboard (or other cheap material) in a laser cutter (or water jet) and build a scale model for testing its rigidity. Would there be any advantage to testing a physical scale model over a virtual model in the computer? Race teams still use a wind tunnel for scale models. Do they use the models for any other load tests?
  7. @John Kimball I have been reading the scientific journal that you had posted in your previous comment. Where can I access all the supporting cited sources from the paper? There are 129 sources attached that I want to investigate and I don't want to pay for each publication.
  8. @John KimballWhat do you mean by "Loft and volume is needed to increase the value"? What is loft? What is "the value"?
  9. I am hoping to find some load test data on CF panels joined with brackets. I want to learn about CF panels being secured with angled brackets using adhesive, rivets, bolts, or a combination and see how they compare to single piece structures that came out of a mold. My goal is to utilize an effective fabrication process to create a strong, but lightweight structure that uses minimal tooling. No plugs, no molds, no need for vacuum bags, etc. Just order flat panels that are cut on a CNC table and delivered to my door ready to be assembled.
  10. Are there examples on the internet of super strong structures with panels being riveted together? What about joining two panels with an angle clip that is riveted and bonded?
  11. @lo_0l. I understand that for a composite Ekoa is a good sound deadener. Vibration needs to be considered.
  12. Welcome Jacky! My name is Mongo and I am researching how to build a CF car chassis as well, so that makes us buddies! 😃 Everybody is super friendly and the staff from Rockwest frequents these forums. They provide a wealth of information.
  13. Hello Sean. I am looking forward to hearing more about your work and interests in this forum. Take care.
  14. Welcome, Monica. I look forward to reading your posts.
  15. For my CF chassis, can I use Ekoa fibers as an insulator bonded between metal fixtures and the CF layers to prevent galvanic corrosion?
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