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  1. Thanks @lo_0land @Rylan I had replied in depth to @lo_0lbut it looks like it never got approved or it evaporated into the site. I'll try again here: The mounting will be a rope lashing on each end, up against the 1" stainless tubing on each side of the stern, so no torsion and maybe about 1/4" of compression or tension if the stainless flexes. It is true that someone bumping it is the main chance of damaging the tubing, so we'll be mounting it just below the steel wire lifeline across the stern to avoid that for as long as possible. Thank you for the OD and wall thickness recommendation, good to know the neighborhood of what I should be searching for. I greatly appreciate the help!
  2. Hi there! I am trying to determine the minimum necessary tube strength to hold a GoPro for our post-race video debriefs. Stiff enough to minimize flexing under the weight of the GoPro and mount 6oz/170g while mounted to the center of a 72" long tube supported on both ends. Lighter is better, and cheaper is better. This will be used 20 times a year, and can be stored out of the sun if needed. I was looking at .75" to 1.0" OD tubes. Thank you for any advice! B
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