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  1. Ah, that makes sense then. We’ll see how efficient we can make our process with the current batch (~70) and consider the custom option for the next batch. Thank you so much for your response!
  2. We purchased SKU: 35047-S and had them cut to 18in. These are jackets for rifle barrels so the taper is needed. We can clean them up pretty good with sanding but it's a bit labor intensive.
  3. Hi! The filament wound tubes are from Rock West composites. We’ve reduced rpms which has helped but any other tips would be appreciated.
  4. Hi! We bought some filament wound tubes (0.75 x 1.00 x 12 Inch) and are experiencing some delamination when we turn them down in our lathe (adding taper from 1 inch-0.9 inch). Any recommendations on machining methods (speeds, direction) to avoid this? Thanks!
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