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  1. Hi @lo_0l what products are you thinking will work well for a bed frame?
  2. @lo_0l I keep re-thinking my measurements; current thinking is 78" long, 51" wide, 3" high off ground, 4" brims on head and foot.
  3. Thanks @Adam and @lo_0l ! I want it to look like a simple, low-profile bed frame with a 3" brim in the head and the foot, 78" long, 55" wide, 3" high off ground. I am also flexible on not having a brim at all. I was thinking of using velcro on the square tubing to attach the wood planks on top. I was thinking of the 78" square tubing. I am uncertain about which connectors to use and would greatly appreciate any suggestions 🙂 https://www.rockwestcomposites.com/tubing/shaped-tubing/square-tubing
  4. Hi, I am looking to build a simple full size bed frame for a sailboat, 51" wide x 77" long x 3" high. What pieces do you recommend for easy assembly? I will place wood slats over the composite frame, and then the mattress on top of the slats.
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